Unlike Her Character On The Waltons, Ellen Corby Was Uncertain In The Kitchen

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Ellen Corby was a renowned American actress, best known for her role as Esther Walton on the popular television series, “The Waltons.” Her portrayal of a wise and nurturing grandmother who was always ready with a home-cooked meal made her a beloved character to audiences across the country. However, in reality, Ellen Corby was not a confident cook, unlike her on-screen character.

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Ellen Corby was not very comfortable in the kitchen. Her daughter, Nora Eckstein, stated that her mother’s cooking skills were limited, and she was not an adventurous cook. Eckstein mentioned that her mother was more interested in reading, writing, and painting than cooking, and she often joked that she had three recipes that she used repeatedly.

In her personal life, Corby was known to have a taste for exotic foods and enjoyed dining out. She often preferred to let others do the cooking and relished the opportunity to try new dishes. In an interview, she once joked that she had a “limited palate” and was not very skilled in the kitchen. She said, “I’m not much of a cook. I never had much patience for it. I can make a few things, but I prefer to let someone else do it.”

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Despite her lack of confidence in the kitchen, Ellen Corby was beloved by fans for her portrayal of a grandmother who embodied the essence of home-cooked meals and family togetherness. Her character on “The Waltons” provided a sense of comfort and nostalgia to viewers who were drawn to the show’s wholesome themes and relatable characters.