The Warriors Reunited To Revive Their Subway Ride To Coney Island, And It’s Absolutely Iconic

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Many of us will remember the 1979 action/thriller The Warriors. The movie followed a fictional New York City gang called The Warriors as they made their way from the North Bronx to their home turf of Coney Island after they are framed for the murder of a big-time gang leader. The film was immensely popular, even inciting real-life violence and copycat gangs after the film’s release.

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If you saw the movie, you won’t need me to remind you of the iconic scene where The Warriors ride the subway back to Coney Island. Well, 36 years later, the original cast got together to recreate this incredible scene. You can watch this amazing video below:

I have no words – the video truly speaks for itself. Thank you to Rolling Stone for organizing and sharing this awesome moment.