The Seekers Perform Billboard Hit “Georgy Girl” In 1967

Source: YouTube

The Seekers made a triumphant return to Melbourne, Australia, their hometown, in 1967. On a scorching summer day, they delighted the audience by performing their biggest hit, “Georgy Girl.” This timeless song achieved remarkable success by remaining in the top ten of the U.S. Billboard charts for several weeks, becoming a cherished part of the 1960s for many of us. Judith Durham’s pure and genuine voice may have been the reason why this song struck a chord with numerous people. Her exceptional singing abilities are a rare find, making this song still hold a special place in our hearts today.

In this video clip from the Myer Music Bowl, we have the privilege of witnessing the band’s electrifying performance of this iconic hit. The infectious melody instantly transports us back to a bygone era of music, where excellence was of utmost importance. Take a look at the video below to relive those wonderful memories. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to listen to one of Aretha Franklin’s timeless classics by clicking the link provided.