Do You Remember This commercial? Stars Of Famous 1979 Commercial Reunite Nearly 40 Years Later

source: The Dallas Morning News

If you were a kid, teen, or adult in the late ’70s, I’m willing to bet you’ll remember this particular Coca-Cola commercial. Commonly referred to as “the greatest Super Bowl ad ever,” the commercial aired in the fall of 1979 and was part of the commercials during the January 1980 Steelers-Rams Super Bowl. The commercial featured Steelers player “Mean” Joe Greene giving his jersey to a young fan in exchange for the kid’s bottle of Coke.

source: Adweek

The “Hey, Kid, Catch!” line from the commercial became a household slogan, and surrounded Joe Greene with an amplified level of football fame. Well, nearly 40 years later, CBS organized a reunion between Greene and the actor who played who played the little boy, Tommy Okon, who was just nine years old during the time the commercial was filmed.

“Somehow I look older than you,” Okon said to Greene when greeting him. “I don’t know how that happened.” In all fairness, the 69-year-old football star appears to be aging in reverse. “That commercial’s kind of what Joe is – tough, [a] football player who’s a nice guy,” Okon continued.

Check out the sweet reunion in the video below:

I remember this commercial like it was yesterday, and I love how CBS thought to organize this reunion. It completely made my day!