Miss Your Childhood? Relive The Magic With These Incredibly Charming Disney Tea Sets!

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Has the feeling of tearing the wrapping paper off a present and finding a beautiful Disney tea set with characters to have tea with still sticks with you? They were not mere play things; they were a pass to a different reality where Peter Pan and Snow white would be your guests at tea time. For those people who lived in the 1950s and the 1980s, the Disney tea sets were an essential thing in childhood, which connected play with the fairy-tale world of Disney.

These quaint and sometimes delicate items made of either porcelain or plastic, came in all shapes and sizes and depicted most of Disney’s famous characters, and were almost as common in the houses of young Disney enthusiasts as the Saturday morning cartoons themselves. The designs varied from the detailed schemes of Cinderella’s ball to the funny images of Mickey Mouse and his comrades. Every piece not only translated Disney into the kitchen table but also the art and culture of the period that it was made.

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Tea sets have been a part of Disney collection since their beginning; they are not just toys, but a symbol of Disney’s impact on the society. Bearing in mind that during the time of introduction of these tea sets, television was in the process of making cartoon characters popular, the tea sets contributed to the dissemination of the Disney culture by making characters including Alice or Dumbo part of childhood.

Over the years, the generation of these sets reflected the improvements in the techniques of production and the tastes of customers, the early sets were painted by hand while the later sets were produced using factory made sets. These sets are collected not only for their attractiveness and to fond memories of the past but also as a representation of the evolution of the toy manufacturing techniques and marketing approaches in the twentieth century.

source: Etsy

To maintain these old toys, it is not just enough to ensure that they do not get damaged, but to ensure that they are conserved as they once made a generation happy. No matter if they are stored in a glass display case or are still used for tea parties, these tea sets speak of the timeless stories of Disney and its ability to amuse and enthral.

More than just collectors’ items, vintage Disney tea sets are a step to the world of yesterdays, tales and moments that are timeless and charming. Thus, gazing at these delightful relics we are suddenly aware of the eternal appeal of Disney and the beauty of a child’s creative thinking.