Martin Short and Steve Martin Celebrate Four Decades of Friendship Rooted in “Ongoing Laughter”

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Martin Short and Steve Martin are celebrating a remarkable 40 years of friendship, a relationship defined by mutual respect, admiration, and a shared sense of humor. Martin Short and Steve Martin started developing their friendship even before their first big project together. Their bond began in 1984, but it was during the filming of “Three Amigos!” that their connection truly solidified. The pair’s friendship thrives on laughter, with memorable moments like playing Scrabble on set becoming cherished memories.

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In an InStyle interview, Martin shared that they quickly grew close during filming. Short added that playing close friends in the movie helped their bond, as they would play Scrabble between takes. He emphasized that laughter was key to their friendship, making them want to spend more time together. After filming, they regularly had dinners with their wives, maintaining a strong connection without long gaps in seeing each other.

Steve Martin has always praised Short for his wit, intelligence, and genuine nature. He admires Short’s ability to remain grounded despite his immense talent and success. On the other hand, Short appreciates Martin’s impeccable comedic timing and his generosity as a friend and collaborator.

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Their relationship isn’t just about work; it’s built on a foundation of shared experiences and a deep understanding of each other. This bond is evident in their recent collaborations, such as the popular series “Only Murders in the Building,” where their chemistry and camaraderie shine alongside Selena Gomez.

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Despite their busy schedules and numerous projects, Martin and Short always find time for each other, proving that their friendship is more than just professional—it’s a lifelong connection rooted in love, respect, and endless laughter.