Ernest T. Bass Actor Howard Morris Predicted Ron Howard Would Be A Director

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Howard Morris, the actor who played the iconic character Ernest T. Bass on “The Andy Griffith Show,” had a keen eye for talent. In fact, he was known for his ability to spot future stars in the making. One of his most notable predictions was that Ron Howard, who played Opie on the show, would become a successful director.

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Morris and Howard developed a close relationship on the set of “The Andy Griffith Show.” Howard was just a child actor at the time, but Morris saw something special in him. Morris recognized Howard’s curiosity and passion for the filmmaking process. He noticed that Howard was always asking questions and watching intently as scenes were being filmed.

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Morris believed that Howard’s interest in filmmaking would eventually lead him to become a director. He once said, “Ron is a natural director. He’s interested in everything that goes on, and he has a real feel for the way a scene should be set up.”
Morris’ prediction came true. Howard went on to become one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. He has directed a number of critically acclaimed films, including “Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Frost/Nixon.” He has also directed several popular TV shows, such as “Arrested Development” and “The Mandalorian.”

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In an interview with NPR, Howard credited Morris with helping him to develop his skills as a director. He said that Morris taught him about the importance of storytelling and how to create a compelling narrative.
Howard also said that Morris’ prediction about his future career was a huge confidence booster. He said, “Howard Morris, who played Ernest T. Bass, pulled me aside one day when I was about 15 and said, ‘You’re going to be a director someday.’ It was this moment of somebody who I respected saying, ‘I see something in you that you may not even be aware of.'”

Morris’ ability to spot talent was not limited to Ron Howard. He also predicted that Jim Nabors, who played Gomer Pyle on “The Andy Griffith Show,” would become a successful singer. Nabors went on to release several albums and became known for his powerful baritone voice.

In the world of entertainment, it can be difficult to predict who will go on to achieve success. But Howard Morris had a special talent for identifying individuals who had the potential to make it big. His predictions about Ron Howard and Jim Nabors are just two examples of his remarkable ability to spot talent.