The Petticoat Junction Train Is Still Rollin’ Down The Tracks

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Petticoat Junction was a classic American television show that first aired in 1963. It was set in the fictional town of Hooterville and followed the daily lives of the Bradley family, who ran the Shady Rest Hotel. One of the most iconic features of the show was the Hooterville Cannonball, a steam train that ran through the town and was operated by Uncle Joe. In this article, we will take a look at how the Petticoat Junction train is still rollin’ down the tracks, thanks in part to Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood is known for his legendary career as a filmmaker and actor, but he also played a significant role in preserving the Hooterville Cannonball. In the late 1970s, he purchased one of the steam locomotives that was used on the show and restored it to its former glory. The locomotive was known as Sierra No. 3 and was a vital part of the Hooterville Cannonball.

Eastwood’s interest in the Hooterville Cannonball started when he was filming his movie “Bronco Billy” in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He came across Sierra No. 3 in a state of disrepair and decided to buy it and restore it. The locomotive was built in 1891 and had originally been used for hauling logs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Eastwood spent several years and a considerable amount of money restoring Sierra No. 3. He even brought in a team of experts to make sure that the restoration was as accurate and authentic as possible. The result was a stunning piece of machinery that looked and operated just like the locomotives used on the Hooterville Cannonball.

Sierra No. 3 was eventually put on display at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, where it remains to this day. It is a testament to the enduring popularity of Petticoat Junction and the Hooterville Cannonball, and it serves as a reminder of the important role that television shows can play in preserving our cultural heritage.

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In addition to Eastwood’s efforts, the Hooterville Cannonball has been celebrated in other ways over the years. In 1990, a group of fans organized a reunion of the cast and crew of Petticoat Junction in honor of the show’s 27th anniversary. The event included a parade of vintage cars and a ride on a replica of the Hooterville Cannonball.

Today, Petticoat Junction remains a beloved part of American television history. It has been syndicated on various networks and streaming services over the years, introducing new generations of viewers to the quaint and charming world of Hooterville. And thanks in part to Clint Eastwood’s dedication and passion, the Hooterville Cannonball lives on as a symbol of the show’s enduring legacy.

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