Not Many Remember The Slauson Shuffle, But This Performance On Bandstand Is Spectacular

Source: Youtube / NRRArchives2

When people discuss popular dance crazes, the Slauson Shuffle often gets overlooked and forgotten. While dances like the Charleston, the Twist, and the Swim are widely known, not many people are familiar with the Slauson Shuffle. If you happen to remember this dance, then you should definitely watch the video provided below.

Chubby Checker is commonly associated with his famous song “The Twist,” but during that time, there was another overweight artist making waves on the music charts: Round Robin. Hailing from Watts, California, Round Robin’s biggest hit in 1964 was “Kick That Little Foot, Sally.” The Slauson Shuffle was a line dance similar to the popular Madison, mainly popular in California from 1962 to 1964. However, thanks to this song, we believe that numerous kids across the country attempted to replicate the dance at home. Take a look at Round Robin’s impressive footwork as he demonstrates this enjoyable dance in the American Bandstand video below.