Buddy Ebsen Once Said Neither He Nor Irene Ryan ”Ran The Set” Of The Beverly Hillbillies

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The Beverly Hillbillies is one of the most iconic sitcoms in American history, and for good reason. The show, which premiered in 1962, followed the exploits of the Clampett family, a group of rural mountain folk who struck it rich when they discovered oil on their property. They quickly relocated to Beverly Hills, where they struggled to adapt to their new life of luxury and excess.

The show was anchored by the performances of Buddy Ebsen and Irene Ryan, who played Jed Clampett and Granny, respectively. Jed was the patriarch of the family, a kind and gentle man who was always looking out for his loved ones. Granny, on the other hand, was a cantankerous old woman who always spoke her mind and wasn’t afraid to put Jed in his place when necessary.

Despite Jed being the main character of the show, it was Granny who often had more authority in the Clampett household. She was a force to be reckoned with, and her sharp tongue and quick wit made her one of the most beloved characters on the show.

In an interview with The Columbia Record in 1969, Buddy Ebsen was asked if he or Granny “ran the set” of The Beverly Hillbillies. Ebsen’s response was humble and gracious, and it spoke to the collaborative nature of the show’s cast and crew.

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“The director runs it…and Henning. He’s there… he runs it. Irene and I are just delighted to be working. We take orders from those two. They are in charge. We do no adlibbing… none whatsoever. We respect our writers,” Ebsen said.

Ebsen’s answer shows that he understood the importance of teamwork and collaboration in creating a successful television show. He and Ryan were both talented actors who brought their characters to life with nuance and humor, but they knew that they were just one part of a much larger machine.

The Beverly Hillbillies may have been a show about a family of wealthy hillbillies, but it was also a show about the importance of family, community, and respect. Ebsen and Ryan’s performances were instrumental in bringing that message to life, and their humility and dedication to their craft only added to the show’s enduring legacy.

Source: IMDB

In the end, it wasn’t about who “ran the set” of The Beverly Hillbillies. It was about the talented actors, writers, and crew who worked together to create a show that captured the hearts of millions of viewers. And for that, we can all be grateful.