Andy Griffith built a spaceship made of junk in ‘Salvage 1,’ a forgotten show of the 1970s

source: Columbia Pictures Television

In the 1970s, television was a vastly different medium from what it is today. We had fewer channels, no streaming services, and a lot more time to watch television. During this era, a show called ‘Salvage 1’ aired on ABC, featuring a character named Andy Griffith, who built a spaceship made entirely of junk. This science fiction series had a small but devoted following, and it left a lasting impression on those who watched it.

‘Salvage 1’ was a short-lived TV series that aired for only one season, consisting of 16 episodes. It premiered on January 20, 1979, and concluded its run on July 13 of the same year. Despite its brief run, the show was a unique and memorable entry into the science fiction genre.

Source: Columbia Pictures Television

The show starred Andy Griffith as Harry Broderick, a junk dealer who dreamed of traveling to space. When he learns that the government is willing to pay millions of dollars for anything that can reach the moon, he decides to build a spaceship out of scrap metal and sell it to them. He teams up with two of his employees, Skip Carmichael (played by Joel Higgins) and Melanie Slozar (played by Trish Stewart), to create a spaceship they call the Vulture. The trio of entrepreneurs travels across the country searching for the perfect pieces to build their spaceship, encountering various obstacles and mishaps along the way.

What made ‘Salvage 1’ stand out was its unique blend of science fiction and comedy. The show had a light-hearted tone that made it accessible to audiences of all ages, while still featuring exciting and imaginative space adventures. Andy Griffith’s character, in particular, added a certain charm to the show that made it even more endearing.

Source: Columbia Pictures Television

Despite its cult following, ‘Salvage 1’ was ultimately cancelled due to low ratings. However, it has remained a beloved show among science fiction fans, and its influence can still be felt in modern science fiction television and film. The concept of using junk to build a spaceship has since become a recurring trope in science fiction, and the show’s legacy lives on.

In conclusion, ‘Salvage 1’ was a unique and memorable TV series that left a lasting impression on its viewers. Its blend of science fiction and comedy, combined with the charm of its lead actor, Andy Griffith, made it a standout show in a decade that was full of memorable television. Although it was short-lived, its influence can still be felt today, and it will always be remembered fondly by those who watched it.