Bronzed Baby Shoes Are Back Again

source: Etsy

Bronzing baby shoes is a tradition that has been practiced for decades by families all over the world. The process involves coating a baby’s first pair of shoes with a metallic finish to preserve the memory of the child’s early years. The history of bronzing baby shoes is an interesting one that dates back to the early 20th century.

The History Of Bronzing Baby Shoes

Bronzing baby shoes was first introduced in the early 1930s by a company called American Bronze Corporation. They began offering a service that allowed parents to send in their child’s first pair of shoes to be bronzed. The company would then coat the shoes in a bronze finish, preserving them as a cherished keepsake.

Source: Etsy

At the time, bronzing baby shoes was considered a luxury item that was only affordable to the wealthy. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the practice became more widespread and accessible to the general public. During this time, many companies began offering bronzing services at a more affordable price point, making it possible for families from all walks of life to preserve their child’s first shoes.

Bronzing baby shoes quickly became a popular tradition in many households, with parents viewing it as a way to commemorate their child’s early years. It was seen as a way to celebrate the milestones of childhood, such as taking the first steps or learning to walk.

Over time, the practice of bronzing baby shoes has evolved to include other types of baby items, such as pacifiers, rattles, and even umbilical cords. While the practice may seem unusual to some, it remains a popular tradition among many families who want to preserve the memories of their child’s early years.