15 Vintage Kitchen Appliances We’d Love To Have Again

sources: Retro Stove & Gas Works / WorthPoint

If you’re someone who likes the charm of vintage and antiques, you may have thought about adding some of this flair into your kitchen by way of appliances. Lucky for us, there are some absolutely incredible vintage appliances out there. Here are 15 vintage kitchen appliances (both large and small) we’d be thrilled to have in our homes again.

1. General Electric Monitor Top Fridge

source: Hub Pages

General Electric released their Monitor Top refrigerator in 1927 for $300. These super cool fridges were one of the first affordable appliances that the average family could reasonably purchase.

2. O’Keefe and Merritt Stove

source: Kind PNG

O’Keefe and Merritt created multiple models of gas and electric ovens that were extremely popular in the 1950s. I just adore this baby blue one!

3. Frigidaire Fridge

source: Auction Ohio

I would just love to get my hands on a vintage Frigidaire fridge. These 1950s-era ones are my favorite.

4. Hoover Blender

source: Invaluable

6-speed Hoover blenders were extremely popular in the 1960s and 1970s. There are a good number of these blenders in great vintage condition floating around.

5. Sunbeam Vista Can Opener

source: WorthPoint

Made in a variety of cheery pastel colors, the Sunbeam Vista electric can opener would have been in many people’s homes in the 1960s and 1970s.

7. Toastmaster Toaster

source: Used Victoria

Looking not so different from today’s modern toasters, the Toastmaster toaster was a household staple in the 1950s. Look at the size of that cord!

8. Sunbeam Mixer

source: eBay

Sunbeam’s Infinite Speed Mixmaster mixer would have been every baker’s dream in the 1970s and 1980s.

9. Pyrex Coffee Percolator

source: eBay

Sure, we have lots of fancy coffee and espresso machines today. But there’s something pretty cool about drinking coffee that came from a 1960s-era Pyrex coffee percolator.

10. Chambers Stove

source: Retro Stove & Gas Works

Chambers released a number of stove models from the 1920s to 1980s. However, this 1950s-era Chambers 90C model is my absolute favorite.

11. Smeg Coffee Machine

source: The Spruce Eats

Now that I’ve shown you a number of true vintage appliances, I wanted to share some vintage-inspired appliances that will give you all of those modern conveniences with the addition of some vintage-inspired charm. Smeg creates a whole line of replica vintage appliances. Their drip coffee machine is one of my favorites.

12. Big Chill Fridge

source: Big Chill

Big Chill’s line of retro-inspired fridges makes my heart sing. This fridge is your solution to a safe, high-efficiency appliance with that vintage feel we all love.

13. Ilve Nostalgie Series Gas Range

source: House Refined

I am definitely pinning this stove for our upcoming kitchen renovation. The Ilve Nostalgie Series Gas Range is an absolutely showstopping kitchen appliance with incredible old-school charm.

14. Smeg Toaster

source: Tech Gear Lab

Available in both two-toast and four-toast sizes as well as a variety of pastel and neutral colors, the Smeg toaster is an amazing example of a vintage replica done right.

15. Nostalgia Microwave

source: Overstock

And last but not least, how fun is this retro-inspired microwave by Nostalgia? I think I need the mint green one in my kitchen.

Vintage appliances, both big and small, bring back floods of nostalgia and memories of simpler times. Whether you’re on the hunt for a project or restored version, or simply want a modern product with that retro feel, I hope you found some inspiration from this list!