Pernell Roberts Did Not Want To Wear A Toupee On Bonanza — And It Once Fell Off In A Scene

Source: MeTV

Pernell Roberts, known for his role as Adam Cartwright on the hit Western TV show “Bonanza,” was a talented actor who was committed to his craft. However, one thing he was not willing to do was wear a toupee on the show.

According to reports, Roberts refused to wear a hairpiece on the show, even though his character was supposed to have a full head of hair. This decision was not well-received by the show’s producers, who were concerned that the audience would notice Roberts’ receding hairline.

Despite the pressure from the producers, Roberts stood his ground and refused to wear the toupee. In one memorable incident, during the filming of a scene, his toupee actually fell off, much to the amusement of his co-stars.

Source: MeTV

Despite this, Roberts continued to refuse to wear the toupee throughout the entire run of the show, which lasted from 1959 to 1973. He believed that wearing a hairpiece would compromise his artistic integrity, and he was not willing to make that compromise.

Roberts’ decision was not without consequences, however. His refusal to wear a toupee reportedly led to tension on the set and may have contributed to his eventual departure from the show. In 1965, after six seasons on “Bonanza,” Roberts left the show to pursue other projects.

While some may criticize Roberts for his stubbornness, it is important to remember that he was a talented actor who took his craft seriously. He believed that wearing a toupee would compromise his performance and his credibility as an actor. In the end, his commitment to his art and his principles is something to be admired.

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Pernell Roberts’ decision not to wear a toupee on “Bonanza” was a bold move that may have had consequences for his career. However, it was a decision that he made based on his artistic principles and his commitment to his craft. Roberts’ refusal to wear a toupee is a reminder that sometimes, standing up for what you believe in is more important than pleasing others.