The ‘Land Of The Lost’ Cast: Then & Now

sources: SciFi Musings / Land of the Lost Wiki

Who remembers the TV series Land of the Lost? The 1974 children’s adventure series aired on Saturday mornings between 1974 and 1976. The show followed the chronicles of the Marshall family who were trapped living in an alternate reality complete with dinosaurs and other strange creatures. If you remember this show from your own childhood, check out what some of the main cast members have been up to since the ’70s!

1. Spencer Milligan

sources: Land of the Lost Wiki / YouTube/apologynone

Spencer Milligan played Rick Marshall, the rational and protective father of Holly and Will. Milligan left the series after two seasons due to rumoured salary disputes. He went on to earn some guest-starring roles, but was more or less out of the spotlight by the 1980s. He has since taught acting and directed local plays, and is 85 years old today.

2. Wesley Eure

sources: IMDb / Wikipedia

Wesley Eure played Will Marshall, the spirited son of Rick. After the show ended, Eure went on to gain other acting credits, including a recurring role on Days of Our Lives. He also appeared in a few movies, tried his hand at singing, and even published multiple children’s books. Eure is now 71 years old.

3. Kathy Coleman

sources: SciFi Musings / Land of the Lost Wiki

Kathy Coleman played Holly Marshall, the smart and brave daughter of Rick. Though Coleman did not continue acting after the series ended, she did have a career in music for some time. Though not much is known about Coleman’s adult life, the 61-year-old former child star is thought to be living in the Los Angeles area after living in Nevada for some years.

4. Ron Harper

sources: Land of the Lost Wiki / Wikipedia

After Spencer Milligan exited the series after season two, Ron Harper stepped into the show as Rick’s brother, Uncle Jack. A former member of the US Navy, Harper appeared in many other television shows, soap operas, and a few movies. The actor is now 87 years old and lives in California.

It’s always fun to reminisce on a beloved show from the past, especially from childhood, and see where the actors who starred in it ended up. It seems like the main characters from Land of the Lost all stayed in show business to varying degrees – I guess some people are just born with it!