Ted Lange Said That He Was Grateful ‘The Love Boat’ Cast Loved Each Other

Source: American Broadcasting Company

Ted Lange, best known for his role as bartender Isaac Washington on the popular television show “The Love Boat,” recently expressed his gratitude for the strong bond that the cast members had off-screen.
The cast’s chemistry was apparent from the very beginning of the show’s run. He recalled feeling an instant connection with his fellow actors, and he credited this bond with helping to create the show’s upbeat, feel-good atmosphere.
The affection that the cast members had for one another was not lost on the show’s fans. “The Love Boat” was known for its heartwarming storylines and positive messages, and this was in large part due to the fact that the actors genuinely cared for one another.

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In an interview with Closer Weekly, Lange revealed that the cast of “The Love Boat” truly loved each other and remained friends long after the show ended. “We still see each other and we still love each other,” he said. “We were like a family. We were together every day for 10 years, and we still have that connection.”
Lange, who played Isaac on the show from 1977 to 1986, also reflected on the impact that “The Love Boat” had on his life and career. “It was the best job I ever had,” he said. “It allowed me to travel and meet people from all over the world. It was just a wonderful experience.”
Lange’s portrayal of Isaac, the ship’s charming bartender, was one of the show’s most beloved characters. His wit and humor endeared him to audiences and helped make “The Love Boat” one of the most successful television shows of its time.