Remember Slim Goodbody? Here’s What Happened To The ’70s Character

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Kids of the ’70s and ’80s will no doubt remember Slim Goodbody, the “Superhero of Health.” Slim was a character created and played by John Burstein in 1975 as a way to teach children anatomy and about the human body. Slim was known for the unitard he wore that depicted anatomically-correct organs, bones, body parts, etc.

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Burstein started out by performing the character for personal appearances and as guest appearances on certain television shows. In 1980, he received his own television show called Inside Story on PBS. The show became extremely popular, and soon Slim Goodbody was also appearing on other mainstream television shows, skits, and even in books.

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In addition to teaching children about the workings of the human body, Slim also addressed issues like childhood obesity, bullying, personal safety, self-esteem, literacy, and environmentalism. Much of this is programming Burstein has continued into present day.

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When he’s not educating children, Burstein resides with his wife, Chrissy, in Lincolnville, Maine. The couple shares two adult sons. Slim Goodbody was a childhood memory I’d completely forgotten about until now – who else remembers this iconic character from the past?!