Facebook Users Are Convinced Man In WWII-Era Photograph Is A Time Traveler

source: Dusty Old Thing via Facebook/Gamlar ljósmyndir/Kristján Hoffmann

You may have heard of a viral story or two about time travelers. Every so often, a photograph will appear showing someone who looks like they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be. Though often referred to as an urban legend, suggestions of time travel are definitely interesting. As with most yet-to-be-proven theories, there are skeptics and believers.

source: The New York Times/Ricardo Tomás

As reported by Dusty Old Thing, in 2016, someone posted a photograph in an Icelandic Facebook group called Gamlar ljósmyndir. The photograph was taken in Iceland in 1943 and shows clusters of men walking and milling about, many wearing military uniforms. Upon first glance, the photo looks completely normal for that time period. Until one small detail was pointed out.

source: Dusty Old Thing via Facebook/Gamlar ljósmyndir/Kristján Hoffmann

Towards the center of the photograph, a man wearing a hat and light-colored trench coat is standing with his back against the wall of a building, glancing in the direction of the camera. Curiously, it looks as though the man is talking on a cellphone. This would be a completely normal sight nowadays, but it’s completely out of place for the era the photograph was taken in. The first cell phone wasn’t invented until the mid-1980s.

source: The Atlantic

Many people were quick to jump aboard the theory that the man in the photo is a time traveler from a moment in the future. Others sided with the explanation that the man was probably just scratching his ear, or holding a completely different object. Whatever the real explanation, I must admit it does look like he is holding a cellphone. What do you think? I’m not sold on the whole theory of time travel, though it is very interesting!