Ellen Corby ”Adopted” Jon Walmsley As Her Grandson

Source: Alamy

Ellen Corby, best known for her role as Grandma Esther Walton on the hit TV series “The Waltons,” had a special relationship with one of her co-stars, Jon Walmsley. In fact, Corby considered Walmsley to be her adopted grandson. During their time on the show, the two developed a close bond that extended beyond the set. According to Walmsley, Corby had a maternal instinct that she couldn’t suppress, even when the cameras weren’t rolling. He said that she often treated him like her own grandson, taking him under her wing and looking out for him.

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Corby’s nurturing nature extended beyond just making Walmsley feel at home on set. According to Walmsley, Corby also provided emotional support during a difficult time in his life.”When I was going through a rough patch in my personal life, she was there for me, she really was like a grandmother,” Walmsley said.
Corby’s “adoptive” relationship with Walmsley was not just a one-way street. Walmsley also looked up to Corby as a mentor and friend. He said that he learned a lot from Corby, both professionally and personally. “She was an incredible actress, and I learned so much from her,” Walmsley said. “But she was also just a wonderful person, and I feel very lucky to have had her in my life.”