What Our Landscaper Unearthed Will Take You Back in Time

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As a child, did you ever have those long summer days where you would roam around your backyard and dig through the ground? It might be a rusty coin or a long-lost toy that you found and got the urge of knowing where it came from. Recently we also had a similar experience when our landscaper found a porcelain standoff in our garden; it was buried ten feet deep in the ground; it was a crucial part of electrical history.

It is unlikely that you would know what porcelain standoffs are, but they were extremely important in the early days of electrical distribution networks. These ceramic insulators were employed to suspend bare electrical conductors; the conductors were thus suspended and not in contact with other conductive substances. This relatively simple task was very important in preserving the overall health and safety of electrical systems in particular given that electricity was still a relatively new invention.

Source: Reddit

Picture the scene, it’s the early days of the electrification of society, and the power is slowly being introduced into people’s lives. Houses, streets, and cities were being electrified and power lines were being laid down to connect one home to another, one town to another. The porcelain standoff with their ceramic housing ensured that these power lines were well protected and the hazards of electricity were minimize thus helping in the provision of power which is a common commodity today.

The find of this porcelain standoff is not just a piece of ceramic that was left out; it is a connection to a time of great advance in technology and culture. At the onset of the 20th century up to the middle of the same, the use of electricity changed the way people live by providing comforts that gradually shaped society. From the 19th century electric lighting to the present day appliances, electricity has always changed homes and villages.

These standoffs, which are sometimes forgotten in the large scheme of things, were the latent observers of this change. They supported the very wires that powered radios, something which united families in the evenings. They powered the light bulbs that provided illumination in homes people could read by, and it let people work longer hours. In a general way, these small ceramic pieces were the foundation for the support of the current society.

Source: Reddit

Being in this position and having this porcelain standoff in our hands that is still as strong as ever despite the wear and tear of time, one can’t help but feel like we are connected to something from the past. It also acts as a testimony of the creativity and hard work of the previous generations. Some of the inventions they came up with, may at times look very basic, but these laid down the foundation for the comfort and developments we have in the current world.

In a society that becomes more technologically advanced with each passing day, it is rather important to stop and look at these items as valuable pieces of history. They make us think of the age when the world was learning about electricity, the same as we learn about valuable things around us.

Discovering this porcelain standoff has been a great way of realizing that the past decades are not that bad after all. It is a symbol of people’s creativity and the unceasing strive toward the advancement. People do not focus on the problems in the history but rather the achievements leading to the present time. Thus, every next time you come across an old artifact, it is time to at least think about what history is hidden behind it and what a great future it has contributed to.

Source: Reddit

The porcelain standoff isn’t just a new piece for our collection, it is a connection to the era of advancements and growth. Thus, every time we discover these relics of the past, we find ourselves appreciating the process that led to the formation of the current society and the one that is yet to come.