Bring a Touch of History to Your Home with This Unique Find

Source: Black Country Metal Works

Can you recall the idle Sunday afternoon when your grandmother used to work in the garden, especially on the roses? The fragrance of flowers, the buzz of bees, and the soft noise of garden shears tapping against the concrete are things that people cherish most. There would be tools and ornaments in those well tended gardens and you might have observed some special objects which gave a personal touch. There is one item which, though quite mundane, is saturated with history – an industrial-style flower holder.

This flower holder is industrial in design but it is more than just a decor; it is an object that is a reflection of a time when less really meant more. These types of holders are made of metal and the bulb is of glass and were used for practical purposes in laboratories and workshops. However, over the years, they got a new lease of life from the creators of gardens and decorators.

Picture the early 20th century when industrialization was rapidly on the rise. Factories and laboratories were operating and tools were created to be strong and effective in their use. The flower holder with the adjustable arm and a rather solid construction was a common feature in such surroundings. It was used to secure flasks and other containers to the working surface and to enable the worker to carry out fine manipulations with accuracy.

Source: Black Country Metal Works

Thus, as industrial tools became available for use, people started to adapt them to domestic usage. The change from a tool used in a laboratory to a garden accessory is one of the best examples of human originality and the perfect combination between the useful and the beautiful. In the middle of the twentieth century, when such practices as do-it-yourself culture and home gardening were most widespread, these holders came into use among enthusiasts and home adorners.

Thus, the industrial-style flower holder is representative of the culture change of its era in terms of the cultural significance. It depicted the creativity of transforming common items, which is so relevant even in the present time. This holder is not just a piece of metal and glass; it’s a connection between the world of the industrial revolution and the world of today art.

Discussions on such products are as if one is having a conversation with an old friend. The flower holder in industrial style encourages you to contemplate the creativity of previous generations. This design is very simple yet classy and gives the feeling of objects that were designed with the aim of being durable and which each of them had its own tale to tell.

Source: Anthropologie

Such concepts of the past can give people a particular kind of pleasure and satisfaction. This flower holder combines the strength of the industrial look with the fragility of the petals, and reflects the idea of people’s ability to overcome challenges and create something beautiful. It has become a nice decoration to any garden, interesting people and provoke memories of the past.

Think of a place where you can be alone and breathe fresh air, in your grandmother’s garden for instance. The sun is shining on your face, you smell the flowers and there is a feeling of tranquility that only nature can give. In the middle of colorful flowers and green plants, there is a metallic structure for flower vase that has a bulb for glass containing one rose. This beautiful relic that is originated from the industrial revolution has become a symbol of elegance and remembrance, the combination of tradition and modernity.

Source: Walmart

This flower holder with industrial design is not only a beautiful object, but also an object that tells a history of changes and shows people the elegance of simplicity. As you install it in your garden, it can encourage you to cherish the previous while designing the subsequent generation.