‘Cheers’ Added A Disclaimer After Viewers At Home Complained About One Thing

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‘Cheers’ is a classic American sitcom that aired from 1982 to 1993. The show is set in a Boston bar named Cheers and revolves around the bar’s regular patrons, employees, and owner. ‘Cheers’ was known for its witty writing, memorable characters, and warm-hearted humor that made it a hit with audiences.

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Ken Levine, one of the writers and producers of ‘Cheers’, has explained the reasoning behind the addition of the disclaimer that was included in the show’s opening credits.

In an interview, Levine stated that the show’s initial episodes did not include a disclaimer, and the laughter heard in those episodes was genuine and from a live studio audience. However, as the show gained popularity, some viewers began to question the authenticity of the laughter, believing that it was exaggerated or added in post-production.

To address these concerns, the producers decided to include a disclaimer that would reassure viewers that the laughter heard in each episode was genuine and from a live audience. Levine explained that the decision to add the disclaimer was not made lightly and was based on a desire to maintain the authenticity of the show’s humor and performances.

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The addition of the disclaimer was also seen as a way to be transparent with viewers and to demonstrate the show’s commitment to creating a genuine and authentic experience for its audience. Ultimately, the disclaimer became an integral part of the show’s legacy, and it served as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in the entertainment industry.