Uncover the Hidden Elegance of This Vintage Table Accessory

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Just think about being in your grandparents’ living room in the year 1969. There is vintage furniture being used, warm amber glass decorations, and the sound of a record player playing vintage music in the background. Opposite the sofa on the coffee table there are ashtrays and magazines, and among them there are two beautiful glass holders. It is not only jewelry, these are practical items from the past, antique cigarette holders.

For many people, these cigarette holders are nostalgic; they remind people of the past when smoking was not only a vice but was also a form of style. They were at the very heart of so many celebrations where people sat around and told each other tales and laughed and laughed. The amber glass holders, with their fine and at the same time quite robust structure, became an element of sophistication of any interior and were a reflection of the warm and homely atmosphere of those days.

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Cigarette holders were fashionable in the early part of the twentieth century, and remained popular until the 1950s and 1960s. They were used to steady cigarettes so that they would not fall off the table and to contain ash that would so that it would not drop on the cloth. Such holders could be made of different materials, for instance, glass, silver or porcelain, which gave a certain appearance to the user’s home.

The amber glass cigarette holders especially were highly popular for their looks as well as for the purpose they served. The rich, warm color of the glass harmonized with the wood and brass elements that were typical of the period; the glass was easy to clean and maintain due to its material. This was because of their shape which was wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, a design that was both functional and fashionable.

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This was the case especially in the middle of the twentieth century when smoking was part and parcel of the society as well as the culture. It was associated with style and class, people depicted in movies and commercials where men and women of style are seen smoking a cigarette. Cigarette holders were not only fashionable products but also the signs of the high social position and elegant taste.

It was considered polite and proper to put a cigarette in the mouth of a guest and offer it to him with the help of a cigarette holder. These holders were also used in social relations as objects of discussion and as a center of attention in gatherings. They show a period of history when people paid much attention to social ceremonies and even the minutest aspects of life.

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Looking back at those days, one can remember the specific scent of tobacco combined with the scent of food prepared at home, the sounds of people’s voices, and the feeling of being at home. Old cigarette holders, especially the amber glass ones, are a thing of the past that was important in obeying the social norms of the time.

Although smoking is not as rampant or as accepted as in the past these items are still treasured memorabilia. They make us recall the graceful styles of previous eras and the fine work that went into their creation is still acclaimed. To collectors and enthusiasts, they are a connection to the past – a time when life was good and more gracious.

Source: 1 Stop Retro Shop

Amber glass vintage cigarette holders are not only collector’s items but they also have more meaning to them. They are parts of our culture, which depict the trends of the mid-20th century concerning class and etiquette. Thus, keeping these items and holding on to them means that we are able to retain a part of our past as well as honor the creativity and elegance that was prevalent during that time. Thus, the next time you encounter one of these delightful items, do not hesitate to marvel at the beauty of this piece and the history it tells.