Amanda Blake Gave The Perfect Answer For Why Matt Dillon And Miss Kitty Never Married

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When “Gunsmoke” made its television debut in 1955, Amanda Blake was determined to be a part of the iconic Western series. As a devoted fan of the radio drama, she relentlessly pursued the role of Kitty, ultimately securing it through her unwavering determination. However, despite her deep connection to the characters, Blake never envisioned Kitty and Matt Dillon’s relationship culminating in a romantic union. In a candid interview, she explained her reasoning, shedding light on the dynamics that made their unfulfilled love story captivating for viewers throughout the show’s long run.

Even in the early stages of “Gunsmoke,” Amanda Blake had an astute understanding of the Kitty-Matt Dillon dynamic. In a 1960 interview, she expressed her conviction that their characters were never meant to be together in a traditional romantic sense. Blake believed that if Kitty and Matt embarked on a love affair, the show’s essence would fundamentally change, resembling a different series altogether.

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The longevity of “Gunsmoke” allowed Blake’s foresight to be validated over the course of its 20-year run. James Arness, who portrayed Matt Dillon, echoed Blake’s sentiment, acknowledging that the show’s creators were cautious about the trajectory of their relationship. They recognized that pushing the characters into marriage would alter the core nature of the series, straying from its realistic portrayal of life in the Old West.

While Kitty’s desire for a more conventional life with Matt Dillon was acknowledged, both Blake and Arness emphasized the complications that would arise if their characters pursued a romantic relationship. Blake humorously compared the potential outcome to “I Love Lucy Out West,” illustrating the challenges and comedic situations that would ensue. The intricate dynamics between Kitty and Matt Dillon were rooted in their unfulfilled love and the complexities of their connection, which resonated deeply with audiences.

Interestingly, Amanda Blake’s personal life mirrored her character’s choices. In the same interview, she revealed that she preferred to focus on her career as an actress and did not prioritize romantic relationships. This alignment between Blake and Kitty added authenticity to her portrayal and contributed to the depth of her understanding of the character’s motivations. Her on-screen chemistry with Milburn Stone, who played Doc Adams and became her closest friend off-screen, further highlighted her commitment to her craft and the integral role she played in shaping the success of “Gunsmoke.”

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Amanda Blake’s unwavering determination to secure the role of Kitty in “Gunsmoke” was driven by her deep understanding of the character and her intuition about the nature of her relationship with Matt Dillon. Her foresight and the show’s creators’ commitment to maintaining the series’ essence ensured that their love story remained complex and unfulfilled. The enduring appeal of Kitty and Matt Dillon’s relationship lies in the delicate balance between their heartfelt connection and the complexities that would arise if they pursued a traditional romantic union. Amanda Blake’s profound impact on “Gunsmoke” cannot be understated, as her dedication to her craft elevated the show to legendary status.