A Small Brass Find with a Huge Surprise Inside

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Can you recall that time when you as a child would close your eyes, make a wish, and blow the candles on the birthday cake? Or may be those summer nights when you would sit on the porch and watch the stars, and wish upon the first star that you see. Wishes have been on the list of our most cherished desires and the tiniest fragment of the desire that still lives in us. Thus, it is this that brings us to the fascinating and somewhat nostalgic world of the wish capsule.

The wish capsule, A small brass container in which one is supposed to place a wish and keep it close to the heart has an interesting and touching background. These capsules have been in existence since Victorian era and the earlier forms were used for holding small Souvenirs, love gifts, or even written messages. Think of the days when notes and small items were left between young people as a sign of love and of a hope for the future.

Of brass, a material that is classic and long lasting these capsules were designed to preserve their contents and prevent them from deteriorating. This design was threaded so that whatever was put inside could not get out, and this is similar to the dreams and wishes that are kept in our hearts.

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In the Victorian era people believed that the act of giving and receiving a wish capsule had so much cultural value. It was a way of expressing things that otherwise might not be said at all, feelings and dreams. These small items were used as gifts in holidays, birthdays, and other occasions as a token of love and a representation of the person’s dreams.

In a more general perspective, the wish capsule seems to convey the idea of a period in the history of human relations when people discussed their dreams and hopes more often and in a more direct manner. In the age of instant messaging and post on social network, people still sat down, wrote letters and selected the perfect gift. The wish capsule represents a kind of communication that is the opposite of the fast and thoughtless one that characterizes our society.

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Thus, remembering these delightful artifacts, it feels like you are sitting in front of an old friend, recalling the moments from the past. The warmth and the simplicity of the wish capsule’s function bring to mind the happier and more innocent times where even the simplest of acts were treasured. This is a dialogue that makes us happy and pulls the heartstrings as we are reminded of the time we had making our wishes and holding on to our dreams.

When celebrating the wish capsule, we pay much attention to the happiness that it brought into the people’s lives. These small vials of optimism and affection represent the finest qualities of mankind – the desire to dream, the desire to believe in something, and the desire for communication with like-minded people. Thus, the small but valuable traditions are preserved, and we recall how important it is to appreciate the details of life.

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Picture this: imagine that the day is bright and you are inside an attic that seems to have not been opened for a long while. Among the dust and the dust-covered relics you find a small bronze vial. Interested, you open it up and there is a well crumpled piece of paper inside. When you slowly start to open the paper, there is a wish that was written many years ago, maybe by a child who wanted to travel or by a romantic who wished to be with their beloved. This small discovery takes one back to the era where people used to write down their dreams and seal them away to open them in the future.

In a society where the bustle of the contemporary lifestyle can make people forget about such childhood fantasies as making a wish while blowing out the birthday candles, the wish capsule is an important symbol. It tells us that regardless of the era, and how things have changed over the course of time, a wish is a wish.

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Therefore, the next time you will be remembering the golden age, think about the wish capsule – it is a simple yet significant token of people’s longing, aspirations, and the potential of the human being.