10 Common Manners Past Generations Were Expected To Uphold

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While I don’t agree with all of the old-school manners instilled in the children of past generations, there are many of them that I do agree with that seem to have fallen to the wayside. Regardless of your thoughts on certain customs and manners, here are 10 common manners that were always taught to the children of yesteryear!

1. Removing Your Hat

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In the past, when a man walked into a room, sat down at a restaurant, or greeted someone, they would remove their hat in a show of respect and courtesy. I rarely see that happening nowadays.

2. Sitting Up Straight

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Children were trained from a young age to sit up straight and walk using good posture. There are a lot of slumped shoulders these days – I think technological devices are largely to blame for that!

3. Saying Please And Thank You

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What happened to children (and adults) saying please and thank you? I feel like many people have lost these phrases from their vocabularies.

4. Not Talking With Your Mouth Full

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I am constantly amazed at how many people speak with their mouths full. To me, this is one manner that everyone should be paying close mind to.

5. Not Chewing With Your Mouth Open

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And on a similar note, when did we stop teaching people to chew with their mouths closed? This is the most basic of all manners.

6. Not Having Your Elbows On The Table

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I can still remember my parents instructing us not to eat with our elbows on the table. I feel like this is one manner that has largely been forgotten.

7. Writing Thank You Notes

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Back in the day, it was custom to send thank you cards to people who had given you a gift or done something nice or thoughtful for you. This is one old-school gesture that I still think is so important.

8. Not Interrupting

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Children tend to struggle with impulse control, so it can be challenging teaching children not to interrupt when someone is speaking.

9. Saying Excuse Me

source: Wikipedia

When you do need to (politely) interrupt a conversation, saying excuse me is the preferred way to do so.

10. Saying “Sir” And “Ma’am”

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While I’m glad this is one manner that doesn’t exist much anymore, it used to be the norm that children would address all adults using “sir” and “ma’am.” It’s so funny to me how manners and customs are shaped and change over time!