You Won’t Believe What This Elegant Spoon Can Do!

Source: Selency

It is a spoon designed to separate fat from sauce, known as a “cuillère dégraisseuse.”

You scoop up the sauce, hold the spoon above your delicious meat, and press the spring: the good juices flow through the hole until you release the pressure, et voilà.

Measured at 25 cm and made of metal, it is a serving spoon that strains the fat from the lean parts of the sauce. It may have a transverse vertical wall, two spouts of which one is a neck from the bottom, or a small valve at the bottom controlled by a spring mechanism on the handle. My type is the third and the least common: on the surface it seems like the simplest one.

These spoons were often made of silver plated metal, sometimes solid silver and newer models would be made of stainless steel. Every cutlery set contains one sauce spoon and it is placed in a single or a collective case.

source: Reddit/bazoid