Tracing The Origins: Mystery Items That Define 70s And 80s Home Aesthetics

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Have you ever heard about rock gardens of the seventies or how about terrariums in the eighties? This was the era when everybody used to incorporate a part of the natural environment within their houses and a beautiful use of stones was a common feature. It all started with my grandmother’s pebble-filled window sills to the colorful marbles used in our fish aquariums, these stones have always been a part of our homes and selves, enlivening our surroundings with a touch of nature.

Decorative stones, whether natural or crafted from plastic-like materials, have been a staple in home gardening and interior design for decades. Ornaments in the form of stones have been used in home gardening and for enhancing the interiors of houses for many years now. These are the small, minor parts of the outfit that hold with them the essence of tradition and practicality that has been passed on through the ages. Previously people did not only hang them but they were a symbol of a lifestyle change that involved people to embrace the indoor-outdoor living and a sign of people becoming more conscious of the environment.

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At first, these stones were used due to some advantages that could be obtained from them. In planters, they provided adequate drainage to control water flow and shielded the roots from water logging which is something that any gardener would know. In the course of time and with the change in the trends of interior designing, these pebbles also changed their use. It shifted from the practical to the decorative enhancing the color, texture and contrast in plant containers and flower designs.

The application of stones for decoration was conformity to other social issues like naturalism during the 1970s and flamboyance in home decoration during the 1980s. Every period has its own stones that reflect the taste of the time beginning with the natural river rocks of the ‘70s and the heavily dyed smooth stones of the ‘80s. The fact that they are still used in home decoration also explain the ever-present need to incorporate part of the natural environment into our living spaces, and this is done in a very artistic way.


In addition to enhancing the aesthetic value of a surface, decoratives stones are associated with positivity and serenity that is much needed in the society today. Depicting these stones in different manners is a good way to encourage people to come up with their use and acknowledge their elegance. This of course, contributes to the positive outlook on previous design trends, which is an appreciation of creativity and mankind’s long standing wish to bring the outside world into our homes.

Therefore, decorative stones are not only aesthetic but they are the connection to the past and reminiscent of old fashion trends and family values. Despite the fact that we have been learning how to introduce them into our home design, they still represent the continuing romance with the concept of natural elements and the constant need to recreate Zen-like oasis in the houses.

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