These Old Fashioned Homemaking Skills Are Quickly Becoming Part Of The Past

source: State Archives of Florida

There are many old-fashioned homemaking skills that are quickly becoming a thing of the past as technology advances and lifestyles change. While some people still practice these skills, they are no longer as common as they once were. Some examples of these disappearing skills include:

1. Handwritten Letters and Thank-You Notes

This is the practice of writing letters or notes by hand, rather than using email or text messages. It was a common way of expressing gratitude, condolences, or other sentiments in a more personal and thoughtful way.

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2. Canning and preserving

Canning and preserving food used to be a common practice for preserving food for the winter months. However, with the convenience of supermarkets and freezers, this skill has become less common.

source: Wikimedia Commons

3. Offering Milk & Cookies After School

This is an old-fashioned tradition where a parent or caregiver would offer children a small snack of milk and cookies after school. It was a way of showing love and hospitality and providing a little nourishment before dinner.

source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Cleaning with natural ingredients

In the past, many homemakers would use natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda to clean their homes. However, with the availability of commercial cleaning products, this practice is becoming less common.

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5. A Strict Cleaning Schedule

This refers to the practice of having a set cleaning routine that is followed regularly. This often included daily tasks such as sweeping and dusting, weekly tasks such as washing linens, and seasonal tasks such as deep cleaning the house. This practice was often seen as a way to maintain a clean and orderly home.

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6. Making bread and other baked goods from scratch

While many people still enjoy baking, the availability of pre-packaged and ready-to-eat baked goods has made this skill less common.

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7. Matching Outfits

In the past, it was common for families to wear matching outfits on special occasions, such as holidays or family photos. This was seen as a way to show unity and pride in the family.

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8. Best Shopping

This refers to the practice of seeking out the best deals and quality products when shopping for household items. This often involved shopping at multiple stores and comparing prices to find the best value for money.

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9. Sewing

While sewing used to be a necessary skill for making and mending clothes, it is now becoming less common with the availability of cheap and easily accessible clothing and alterations services.

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