Find Out What Historical Artifact Is Lying Hidden In Your Home!

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It is something like opening the attic of your grandparents’ home and coming face to face with an antique wooden device that has been crafted with such precision; the only sign of its age being the slight rust on the gears. At first sight this object, a kite spindle, might appear to be quite enigmatic, though it brings to mind a number of items that were once instrumental in the sphere of textile production. To those who were raised in the middle of the twentieth century it brings to mind the old stories of the mills and the chugging of the spinning apparatus that was once the life blood of numerous towns.

Old kite spindles , that can be discovered in the attic or in the basement, are a testimony of the past when hand made products were used in every day life. These spindles were not merely a tool for work; they stood for the skill and the technical advancements of early spinning mills which used to convert fibers into yarn before mechanization.

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Such as the kite spindles which are unique in shape and require much detail to create them, gives an idea on the advancement of textile tools. Developed before the industrial revolution these tools were very useful in home based businesses and formed the basis of what would one day be a huge revolution in industries. They show the middle position between the manual work and mechanical production in the shift from hand spinning to the use of spinning jenny and water frame.

The employment of kite spindles in textile manufacturing brought Revolution that affected the economic and social relations. They were at the center of cottage industry, mostly a women’s affair that greatly influenced the social and economic structures of the time. As these spindles slowly shifted from homes to factories, they also depicted the change in the workplace from homes to factories which transformed the social structure of the societies and led to the process of urbanization that came along with industrialization.

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Thus, antique kite spindles are much more than simple items; they are material culture that embodies the history of humanity and its evolution. They make us recall a time when ideas were also created through the use of hands and not only of the mind. Thus, preserving and promoting these spindles is not only a tribute to our past, but also a way of keeping the appreciation of the combination of innovation and skill in our society.